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Book Review: Jillian Michaels' "Unlimited: How To Build An Exceptional Life"

This book is not about weight loss or a diet you need to follow – it’s about what everyone’s favorite trainer does with contestants BEYOND their physical health on The Biggest Loser.

In “Unlimited: How To Build An Exceptional Life”, Jillian Michaels clearly lays out that if you are not reaching your goals, then the first step is to stop blaming others for your in ability to reach the goals you set. She believes that we all have destructive habits that sabotage our success. This often happens with our careers or a lack of one.

She talks about how FEAR is often the root of why we don’t reach our goals. If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you’ve seen the contestants become more empowered with each show. You hear them say things like, “I now know that I can do anything if I set my mind to accomplish it! Nothing can stop me!”  That didn’t just come from losing pounds. It came from them taking out all the excuses of why they couldn’t reach their goal. It also required them looking back in the past and realizing that they are “acting out” because they have not resolved issues in the past.

Reading this book has helped me personally learn how to take on my own fears. I’m doing things differently already than I have in the past because I’m taking time to reflect and do the work I need to in order to challenge myself to push through my own fears.

Not only am I applying this to myself, but I am also able to hear it faster when working with my Career Coaching clients. I can teach tools, develop strategies, and build personal marketing plans with my clients, but if they don’t conquer FEAR, they might not be able to reach the goal of living out an exceptional life and career.

This book is a must read! I hope you read it soon (you can order it here) and share your thoughts with me right here!

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