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What's Your Social Psyche?

By July 11, 2011Career Planning

Social Psyche Quiz from Rivet Global on Vimeo.

We talk a lot about managing our personal “brand” professionally. So when some people who are near and dear to me recently developed The Social Psyche Quiz, and while it’s intended specifically to enlighten those in the marketing industry, I immediately thought about what it could mean for personal “brands.”

The idea is simple – there are six common Social Psyches that “brand managers” have. This basically means their predisposition to social media, how comfortable they are with risk regarding their brand, and some other factors. You answer 10 simple questions, and then the quiz tells you which of the six Social Psyches best fits you.

I took the quiz, and it said I was a Buzz Builder, which I think makes a lot of sense. In the context of my career and personal “brand,” I’ve always believed that building relationships/connections to the point that people are talking and buzzing about you to each other naturally is the best way to find your dream job.

You can take the quiz here.

And there’s a webinar on the topic this Wednesday, which marketing folks may want to listen in to! Sign up for the webinar here.

So, what did the quiz tell you? What’s your Social Psyche?