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A Startling Stat From The Hiring Front

Think social media is over-hyped in the context of networking or job searching? Think again.

According to the 2010 JobVite Social Recruiting Survey, 92 percent of hiring managers are using or plan to use social media including YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr to find new employees.

This article does a nice job of outlining the survey and its results.

From my viewpoint, this statistic is huge. It’s the kind of number that should make you take notice and realize that your social presence – or lack thereof – WILL have an impact on your current or next job.

I see this playing out specifically in two ways:

1. Social media could be your “in” – your chance to network with someone on Linkedin or Tweet something that gets you noticed.

2. Social media could be your “out” – as the article I linked to points out, many of those surveyed reveal that they search social media to learn more about potential hires’ backgrounds. One inappropriate Flickr picture or Facebook status, and your name could be crossed off the list!

So take note – social media is changing the way people hire and get hired.

Have any of you experienced first hand how social media is changing the course of career paths?

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