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A Look At The Exploration Phase of a Career Search

When I ask my Career Coaching clients where they think they are in their career journey, they often tell me their career history. That’s not what I want to hear! Your history is irrelevant at this point. I want to know what your target is.

But if you don’t know what your target is, don’t worry! It just means that you’re in the exploration phase – and a key phase it is.

When you’re in the exploration phase, you should investigate in detail the possible careers/jobs that you’re attracted to. Measure each one against the question, “Does this fit what I do best?” Or more importantly, “Is this a job that would give me energy and where I can showcase my passion?” Never measure against the question, “Are there any openings?” or “Do I have the abilities to do the job?”

Explore industries to see what fits YOU, your skills, culture, energy and maybe even a new passion you’ve recently discovered. How should you explore? By asking friends you know in industries that are relevant to what you’re interested in. Ask them who they recommend you talk to. Simply ask your contact to do an email introduction or call the potential contact. Make sure you are clear about the expectations of what you would like to cover in the potential meeting and why. You want to learn as much about the niche/target as possible before you commit to it!

Are you in the exploration phase right now? What are you learning?