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How To Track Your Online Reputation

As a friend of mine who has been involved with GO! Network and BBJ recently pointed out to me, there are a lot of people out there – employed and unemployed – who have questions about tracking online reputations. As I’ve discussed with my Career Coaching clients, sometimes that means simply seeing what others can see, other times it means finding out if someone’s talking about you, your organization or place of employment.

There’s no single catch-all solution, but there are a number of online resources that can help you manage and track what’s being said online, as recently pointed out in this bnet.com article. The article is written primarily about tracking what’s being said about a company, but most of these resources can be applied to you personally, too.

The article specifically calls out Tweetdeck, Social Mention, Trackur, Google Alerts and BoardReader, and gives insight into what each one is best used for.

How about you? Have you used any of these services (or others) to track your online reputation?