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I encourage EVERYONE to put their career in their own hands. But some people take that advice very literally, quitting their job to go into business for themselves.

As this CNBC article points out, more and more “Employees are bidding farewell to corporate America in the hope of finding a more secure, or at lest fulfilling future. They are reinventing themselves by starting their own companies or by pursuing long-put-off dreams that include creative or charitable endeavors.”

The article goes on to cover several individual stories in which people have done just this. If you’re thinking – or have ever thought – about starting your own business, I highly recommend you read the article. There’s nothing like hearing real stories to bring home real truths into our own personal situations.

This is a topic that is very personal to me as I left the corporate HR world to start my own Career Coaching business. But I can honestly say it was a decision I’ve never regretted, and I’m happier now than I’ve ever been!

But clearly, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Always weigh the pros and cons; you may find out that starting your own business isn’t the answer, but something new is indeed what you need.

Have any of you ever started your own business? What was the process like for you professionally and personally?