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What To Do If You're Expecting a Layoff

Perhaps you lost a major client and it’s part of an inevitable fallout.

Maybe the company simply hasn’t been as profitable, and it’s the only way to turn things around.

Or possibly there’s just not enough work to go around anymore and it’s management’s only choice.

“It” is a layoff, and in today’s economic market, it’s far more commonplace than anyone would like.

So say you’ve seen the signs – lost clients, less work, lower profitability, etc. Now what? What are you supposed to to if you fear you’re at risk of being one of the layoff’s victims?

The Chicago Tribune recently ran an article titled “9 Steps To Take If You Fear a Layoff”, which is definitely insightful. If you’ve been a job hunter before – and that doesn’t mean “out of work jobhunter,” because anyone looking for a new career can fit this term – many of these steps may look familiar. However, each step doesn’t necessarily produce the same valuable results. As Richard Bolles’ book “The Job Hunter’s Survival Guide” points out, some techniques only yield about a 7% success rate while others yield an 86% rate!! You can learn more about his book at my site (it’s at the bottom of the list on the page).

Make sure you are spending time with those techniques that have a higher yield. Here’s a hint: those techniques with a higher success rate are often those things you think might be a waste of your time. You might even feel uncomfortable doing them! But there is an element of risk involved in success. I really recommend you read Bolles’ book. It’ll help you understand why you have to get out there and take those risks while everyone else hides behind their computer and spends hours applying for jobs with very little return.

What are you doing to push yourself out there?  I’d love to hear your ideas!