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From Resumes to Simple Emails, Always Edit!

Do you remember our guest blogger/secret hiring decision maker from earlier this year? He/She had a lot of great warnings on what NOT to do when trying to network. One of the things they said you MUST do, though, is to always edit!

I was reminded of this point when I ran across this article about the same topic. From typos to grammatical errors, the way you introduce and/or present yourself through the written word says a lot about you – and if it says something bad, then you might as well say goodbye to an interview!

The point is this: don’t just browse over your communications when networking. Edit it once. Edit it again. Then edit it a third time. Don’t hesitate then to invite someone you trust to look at it, too!

And when you’re editing, don’t just look for typos. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and ask yourself if your communication makes sense in their context, and if it really sells who you are and what you’re about.

How about you? Do you have any tips for more efficient and strategic editing?