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I just read an article from US News titled 6 Creative Ways To Showcase Your Resume Online and found it very inspirational. Ideas like introducing a video resume, developing an interactive resume and even activating your resume via QR code are fun, and will no doubt help you stand out.

But the article also made me think twice. As fun as an innovative resume idea is, it’s still no substitute for a warm handshake and real relationship building. As I tell my Career Coaching clients, your network – the people who can introduce you to hiring decision makers and other contacts – are STILL the best way to land your dream job.

Don’t get me wrong, these resume ideas are great. It’s just a matter of finding balance. In other words, don’t spend all your time and energy on a resume and then rely on it to get you the job.

It’s all about the mix. Network with past colleagues and current friends. Focus on attending specific groups or organizations where the employed attend. Use social media to make more connections (in fact, most of the ideas in the article can be integrated into your LinkedIn profile). Set up phone or face-to-face meetings.

And after you make that initial contact and introduce what makes you special, THEN your innovative resume idea will elevate you over the rest of the crowd even more.

My point is that nothing beats being a real person and connecting one-on-one. Your resume can’t take the place of that. But it CAN help you stand out from there.

What do you think?