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How To Help Your Workplace Team Make Change

As a Career Counselor and speaker, I talk with individuals all the time about managing change in their career. By accepting and actually leveraging change, you can get one step closer to enjoying your career to its fullest.

I actually blogged about the idea of not letting change happen, but rather making change happen back in August.

But the idea of change goes beyond the individual. If you’re a manager, you need to make sure your entire team understands the significance of embracing change. What I mean is this: change happens in the workplace. It always will. And the professional team that accepts this and uses it to be better will be the team that wins – both in the business world, and from a company culture standpoint! Instead of wasting time whining about “things always changing and being unpredictable,” your team will be asking, “what can WE change to make things even better?”

So where do you start in building a corporate culture that thrives on making change happen? There are a number of great thought-starters in this article, titled Manage Change by Communicating in a Team Environment. It points to the importance of putting together a plan, and implementing ideas on how to keep your team accountable to making change.

And as always, I love talking with both individuals and teams about how to make change happen. Don’t hesitate to reach out!