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What The Cardinals' Improbable Run Teaches Us

I base my Career Coaching and speaking practice in St. Louis, and know a majority of you who follow the blog are in the Gateway City, as well. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Cardinals are once again in the World Series, Game 1 of which is tonight!

Whether you’re a baseball fan or not (or a Cardinals fan or not!), there’s so much to learn from this team’s amazing run to the Series.

Back in August, with just about a month to go in the season, the Cards were over 10 games back from making the playoffs. If you’re not a fan, what that means is that, in baseball terms, they had about a 0% chance of making the playoffs! Cardinals fans and the St. Louis sports media now willingly admit that they had pretty much written off the Cardinals at that point. Everyone had given up on them…except the Cardinals players themselves.

They came out every day and played. And they didn’t give up. They kept winning. And, to their luck, the other teams in the running kept losing. Before you knew it, they were in the playoffs. And now they’re playing for baseball’s top prize.

So what does this tell us about our OUR careers? While a lot of you may not think being a baseball player is a “real job,” I have a feeling the Cardinals players would beg to differ. It’s their livelihood – what they know they were meant to do. And just like all of us have probably felt at one point or another, their jobs weren’t going well. They weren’t performing the way they wanted to, and everything that COULD go against them throughout the season did.

But did they quit? Did they let the bad situation get the best of them? No. They didn’t let change happen – they MADE change happen. They got focused. They identified their goals. They went out there every day and lived up to their potential.

So the next time you feel tempted to play the victim and let a negative career experience define who you are, remember what this team did. It might be the inspiration you need to be your best you.

Go Cards!