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How The Hospital Industry Is Being Effected By Change

I recently came across a very relevant article titled 5 Thoughts Keeping Hospital CEOs up at Night. The reason it’s relevant (even if you’re not in the Hospital industry) is that many of these concerns go beyond the hospital industry and translate to most categories of business out there – especially when it comes to the speed at which changes come!

The problem is that too often changes in the marketplace have to be made on a dime. This results in very little time to communicate the change that’s coming, as well as little time to develop a well thought-out strategy on how to best position one’s company/organization for success throughout the change.

It’s important to be able to think on one’s feet and move quickly with change – the problem is that this is a very hard thing to achieve! For example, in the hospital world, CEOs have to constantly measure the market, trends and new regulations and then anticipate where the market and consumer needs will be in the future. But it goes beyond the CEO, too – individual employees need to do the same thing. After all, they’re often the ones whose daily job tasks are most impacted by these changes. You can no longer just sit tight and hope that changes will not impact you, trying to slip under the radar.

The truth is this, if you don’t find ways to constantly create change for yourself, then someone else (or your industry itself) will.

What does “creating change for yourself” mean? It means that you need to do your homework. Know what’s happening in your industry. Look at the list of issues that are on the horizon for the hospital industry, and think of how similar issues could impact your career. Then find out what YOU can do to be  part of the solution.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or an intern. Position yourself to accept change and use it as strength – because like it or not, it’s coming, and it’s coming fast!

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