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Where Are The Skill Gaps In Today's Hiring Market?

Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career or you’re out of a job, I always tell my Career Coaching clients that they must stay aware of the trends in the hiring market. By knowing what hiring managers are looking for or having trouble finding, you’ll have a leg up vs. the competition in positioning yourself through your unique abilities.

All this to say that I think you should definitely look at the below slides that cover the gaps in today’s hiring market. By “gaps” I mean the things that hiring mangers and recruiters are having trouble finding. Not only will you see what kinds of skills are missing (things like critical thinking ability), you’ll see what specific jobs they’re having trouble finding qualified candidates for.

The findings come from a poll conducted by SHRM.

Look at each gap and think to yourself: “Am I promoting how I can fill that gap? Am I letting my best self really shine through professionally in these areas?” If you don’t like your answers, then you can take the next step – making a change in the way you position yourself and progress professionally!