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The Power of Good Communication When Networking

Mary-Rose Hoja, a biomedical researcher by training, is now a manuscript editor and consultant in mingling and networking. How did she get to this point? She’ll tell you herself in the above video. This article also gives you the full story, including this major insight:

During her time in Australia, Hoja attended many events organized by the University of Queensland. She organized a conference for CRC SIIB, which was partly intended as a networking opportunity for scientists and company managers. Some other events she attended focused on entrepreneurship, “which led to a strong network of expertise that I still actively tap into,” she says.
But one thing that struck her is how, for many academics and R&D people, “the thought of stepping into a room filled with strangers, stretching their hand out and shaking their hand, and explaining what they do, terrifies them,” she says. “They can’t speak to investors or to prospective collaborators or to a prospective Ph.D. supervisor.”

You don’t have to be an R&D person or an academic to not feel comfortable with a big networking situation. But as you see with Mary-Rose Hoja, it’s something that can be overcome!