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I came across this blog post the other day that I found very insightful. The post is written by an IT professional who’s discussing how there are “emergency changes” and “normal changes” in the workplace. The point he makes is that sometimes you need to say NO to a proposed change because it isn’t set up for success.

Here’s why his thoughts stood out so much to me: it’s tempting for people to hit the ground running in our world of change. And while I’m a major proponent of embracing change and managing it instead of reacting to it (as I’ve been writing about a lot here lately), you need to think it through. Just because you’re busy “making change” doesn’t mean you’re being efficient.

When change hits, we need to take a step back and make sure that we’re managing that change smartly and strategically. If you see signs that things aren’t being thought through as they should be, or you have that feeling in your gut that things are being rushed, it’s not only okay to say “no” to that change, it’s a good thing! Part of managing change is making sure the process behind it is sound and that healthy boundaries are set.

We’ll continue talking about change here on the blog more, especially seeing how the New Year is right around the corner and many of us will be setting professional New Year’s resolutions.  What will you do differently in 2012? What changes will you make? It’s that time of year that we start thinking about these kinds of changes!

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  • Very salient points! Yes, it’s so easy to succumb to what’s in front of you without making decisions – be it change or chocolate! As you state, the key is to have a well grounded starting point to steer that change in the right direction. Look forward to more, David!