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Social Media is the Tool, Relationship Building is the Key

Social Media is the Tool, Relationship Building is the KeyI recently read this great blog post about social media measurement by social guru Chris Brogan. He makes some very good points about how social media channels like Twitter are great tools that assist relationship building.

Brogan’s post got me thinking: even though his message focused on business, it also relates to job seekers today.

I just had a conversation with a Career Coaching client of mine about this very topic. You can have all the tools to land a job developed and in hand, but if you don’t start reaching out and building a warm relationship with a real person, the job isn’t going to happen.

Now, don’t freak yourself out with the process of developing relationships.  You don’t always have to make a “cold call” to someone you don’t know to start the networking process. But that gets at the core of why people want to hide behind the networking tools and not build the real relationship. The problem is us – our insecurities and anxieties!

Think about networking as a discovery. Go with the intention to fact-find about the career you want most rather than focusing on asking for a job. Social media can be a great tool in doing that and making the introduction.

But while it’s helpful, remember it’s a tool designed to help you reach out and really develop and nurture a relationship.

How many of you have used social media to develop networking relationships? What was your experience?

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