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Tips On Handling The Job Search During The Holidays

I recently did a post about finding part-time work during the Holidays, but what about people who are still looking for that full-time job of their dreams during the Holiday period? If you’re like me, the Holidays and everything that come with them can be overwhelming enough as it is – how are we supposed to run a valuable job search at the same time?!

If this describes you, I recommend you check out this article that calls out 7 tips about handling the search during the Holidays. There are some really good reminders here, such as to be patient, volunteer and even to remember to take a “vacation” – just because you’re looking for a job doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break!

One thing called out in the article is that you should attend Holiday Parties to do a little softer sell networking. I actually wrote a blog post about this very topic last year, and recommend you check it out here for even more insight into how to do this successfully.

How about you? Do you have any tips or advice from your past job seeking experiences during this time of the year?

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