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More People Are Quitting Their Job – And That's a Good Thing

Per this article citing the Labor Department:

1.9 million workers resigned their jobs in October. In the two years from early 2009 through early this year, there was no month when that many workers quit. But the number has been exceeded eight times this year.

So, why is this a good thing? Because people are feeling CONFIDENT enough in the market and themselves that they can quit a job they’re not happy in and get a new one!

This tells us that there is movement within the marketplace today – and that means more OPPORTUNITIES!

With that in mind, we should all remember that the key is meeting with industry leaders before there is an “opening.” With the opportunities that are seemingly out there, building a focused networking approach with hiring managers is a must! Meet with four or five people from the company you are targeting so that when there is movement within the ranks, you will be top on the list and you can feel confident in leaving a position that isn’t your dream job.

This is just the kind of positive news and thinking we all need to have going into 2012!

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  • Bill R. says:

    Good news indeed. In addition to the “pull” of new opportunity discovered through networking, I believe there is a “push” too. Companies have usedhe recession as an excuse to slash headcount and pile more work on staff afraid to make waves. Fearful for their jobs, but vowing to get out