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Should You Say "No" to Career Change in 2012?

There’s no time like the New Year to really evaluate our processes and outcomes professionally. “Is what I’m doing effective? Do I need to make changes?” These are just two of the many questions we SHOULD be asking ourselves.

Change can be such a great thing. But one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to try to force change to happen too quickly. We see this a lot when there’s new leadership within a company. New managers have a reputation of coming in and making changes too fast.

This extends to those who are out of work, too. So many individuals who get the pink slip run out of the door feeling like they have to make changes in every part of their careers and themselves. As a new job seeker, you have to give yourself some time to really digest what just happened and evaluate what concrete steps can you take that will help you get to your new destination.  The “I’m going to change everything at the same time” approach usually wears you out and leaves you feeling let down.

I recommend you focus on those things that create steadiness in your life. Change can be very good, but refuse to change everything all at once. That goes for your schedule outside of work, too! Go to bed at the same time as usual and don’t change your workout patterns.

No matter where you are professionally going into 2012 – working or unemployed – give yourself permission to say “no” to making change happen TOO quickly.