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I’ve talked here before about careers that are trending upward, but things are always changing. I just came across this Fortune article that calls out 10 hot jobs for 2012 and beyond, and I think it’s definitely worth sharing.

Some of the jobs they present are nothing new (like Infomation Technology, Healthcare and Engineering) based on reports we’ve seen in the past. But what’s good about Fortune’s take is that it includes really solid statistics about each career path, including average annual salaries for each.

Now, I am NOT suggesting you abandon your current job for one of the ones on this list because it’s more stable. Lists like this are good for those who are in career transition or considering looking outside their current industry to pursue a job that’s more reflective of their passions in life. You can look at lists like this to see if there are any matches with what you’re meant to do.

It’s a smart way to set yourself up for success, but if nothing on this list matches your passions, don’t force it!