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How Your Social Media Comments Could Sink Your Career

No one is always happy in their job all the time, nor should they pretend to be. Whether it’s a bad boss or just a bad day, it’s understandable that you’re going to have some negative things to say about your career at times, even if you’re in a career you love.

The key is knowing who to say it to, when to say it, and where – the answers being close friends you trust, in a private moment and in a private place. And that means NEVER EVER using social media to air your grievances!

It shocks me how often people will jump on Facebook or Twitter to complain about a bad day on the job. I actually just came across an article called 10 Social Networking Posts That Sink Careers that does a great job of calling out specific things that we’ve all seen people post on social media that can negatively effect your career. Their common comments that we should all stay away from.

Read the article for tips on what NOT to say. As for when it IS appropriate to complain about a hard day at the office, find a group of close friends who you trust to keep your thoughts private.