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How The Cloud Is Changing Careers in IT…and Beyond

You’ve probably seen commercials about “the cloud,” or maybe even starting seeing cloud computing find its way into your office (if the cloud is new to you, check out this 101).

But did you know that the cloud is opening up new kinds of careers in the IT world? I recently came across this Forbes article that explains the cloud’s impact on the IT industry. I highly recommend it for those of you who work in IT, but also those who don’t.

If you ARE in IT, it will introduce you to new titles/positions that might work alongside you, or even integrate with what you do.

If you aren’t in IT, it will introduce you to how your IT department might be evolving. But even more so it will serve as an illustration of how we all ALWAYS need to be ready for change in the workplace. This example reflects how technology can force us to think differently and either adapt or be replaced. I think it’s a great real world reminder of how we have to get out ahead of change, and how those who do will be the most successful.

So the question is this: What’s “the cloud” in your workplace?

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