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Finding The Right Company Culture "Fit"

One of the things I preach to anyone and everyone is that your company culture MUST be the right fit for you.

By “fit”, I mean that it must share the same values and ideals, allowing you to be “you” so that you can enjoy every day at work to the fullest. I talk much more in depth about fit in my Career Coaching and counseling book, From Cornered To Corner Office.

But I want to alert you to a new career tool out there that might help you identify your fit for a specific company. Aptly titled, TheFit.com uses polling methods to help you realize what any given corporate culture is really like. As social media blog Mashable said, “It’s not a dig-up-dirt site – it’s more about understanding the corporate culture of where you work or where you want to work.”

It’s still in beta phase, so consider that when checking out TheFit.com. But keep an eye on it as The Fit has the potential to find its fit as a new career resource!