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My Guest Column For The STL Post-Dispatch is Live!

st louis post dispatch career columnI was recently honored to be invited to be a guest career columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. But there was only one problem – as a Career Coach, there were so many things I WANTED to write about, but I could only choose one thing to start with!!!

So after a lot of consideration, I chose to discuss something that everyone should very seriously consider in their career, whether they’re currently seeking a job or happily employed – the Hidden Job Market.

As the column discusses, far too many people rely on job boards and want ads to find openings. The reality is that the most desireable jobs usually aren’t even advertised on these boards. The Hidden Job Market is all about networking and making the right connections so that if/when you DO need to find a position, employers come to you before they even think about posting an ad about it.

So check out the column to learn more. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And keep an eye out for my next column…