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Whenever we have a big task in front of us – be it finding a new job or tackling a huge project at work – it’s easy to get overwhelmed or to rush it to get it over with. But as I’ve seen time and time again as a Career Coach, breaking down any task down into small bite sizes could be your secret to success.

I was recently given a great reminder of this fact upon reading this article by Rita Schiano (Philosophy instructor, stress-management instructor and resilience coach). In the article, she discusses the concept of Kaizen, suggesting that it might be better to reach your goals in steps rather than running a sprint to the finish line.

What is Kaizen, you ask? In the article, Schiano describes it this way:

Kaizen is a means of making great and lasting change through small, steady increments. Kaizen’s practical roots are based in the Japanese management concept for incremental (gradual, continuous) change (improvement): breaking tasks into small, manageable steps. However, kaizen is also a way of life philosophy based on making little changes on a regular basis; it’s about finding new, creative, and effective ways to improve one’s life… from tackling the mundane to managing our stress to attaining our life vision.

It’s pretty clear how this concept can easily translate to your career. Instead of tackling your project all at once, risking rushing it and/or letting it overwhelm you, take it on in small chunks.

My challenge to you over the weekend is to think about this concept. Consider how it can impact your life and career. Then share your thoughts with us all here on the blog!