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A New Way of Looking at Workplace Motivation

Ask any CEO from the past 50 years how to motivate an employee and their answer would  likely be one thing: MONEY.

Sure, a higher salary is a motivating force. But things are changing. The professional landscape is evolving. And what motivates a good employee – the kind you don’t want to lose from your organization – isn’t necessarily the bottom line.

This Fast Company article by guest blogger Harish R. Rao, CEO of Enterprise Frequency in New York, hits the nail on the head. It’s all about entrepreneurial spirit, and how some of the best employees have a desire to start their own company or launch their own product.

But as Rao points out, if you’re a manager, the opportunity is to help these employees launch these ideas while on the clock for you. They can naturally grow in the company (including salary), but their real reward will be seeing their ideas come to life.

No matter what side of this story you’re on – the manager or the employee – check out the article. If you’re a manager, think about how you can introduce this thinking into your business. If you’re on the employee side, take the initiative. Share your ideas with management and propose how it could benefit everyone involved.