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According to this Fast Company article, the answer is yes.

When you think about how many people work wirelessly, remotely and on the road, plus take into account how much work spills over into nights and weekends, it’s a fair argument.

Sure, there are still people out there who work “shifts.” But most professionals over the past two decades have realized that a reliable 40-hour workweek is a bit naive. Even those who have factory jobs find themselves making time and a half pay when they take on overtime.

So what’s the solution? To let our careers consume our lives? I stand firm in saying NO. As a Career Coach, it’s clear I feel strongly that a happy, healthy career is a necessity. But a successful career alone will not deliver happiness. We need time with family and friends. We need to take time out for ourselves.

We need to think about how we schedule our work a little bit more creatively – which is exactly what Jon Stein, founder and CEO of investing company Betterment is doing.

Stein has introduced the “No Hour Work Week” at Betterment, allowing employees to make their own hours, putting accountability and expectation upon them to get the job done when, where and how they need to in order to do it the best way possible. It’s an innovative idea to say the least.

Will it work? Time will tell. But it’s the kind of progressive thinking we need in the workplace. Check out this article to learn more about his vision.

What about you? How do you think we can shift the traditional 9-to-5 way of thinking?