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5 Things The Godfather Teaches Us About Workplace Leadership

I love when people find great inspiration from unorthodox places. Case in point: this Fast Company article that identifies 5 leadership lessons from one of the most notorious characters in film history – The Godfather himself, Don Corleone!

Like the piece’s writer, I’m by no means suggesting business should be founded upon the illegal and often violent principles of the mafia!! As a Career Coach, what I am admiring here are the ways the article’s writer finds GOOD in what Don Corleone did to run his “family” successfully.

In short, he:

  1. Built a powerful community.
  2. Held people accountable.
  3. Controlled his emotions.
  4. Was decisive.
  5. Spent time with his family.

I highly recommend you read the whole article to grasp the ideas at play here. And if you are or want to be a leader in your organization, take these lessons to heart!

Any other things you would add to the list?