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Twitter continues to be a polarizing social media channel when it comes to the job hunt. So many people tell me, “David, I don’t get Twitter. I think it’s overwhelming and I don’t see how it could ever help me find a new job.”

I get why they say this. Twitter has its own language. And if you’re just using Twitter.com (as opposed to a third party Twitter app like Tweetdeck to streamline and organize your tweets), it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a never-ending feed of tweets. Not to mention the fact that Linkedin is a much more career-focused social channel in which you can easily connect with people you want to network with.

But I beg you to not write off Twitter. If used correctly, it has value. Now, I’ll warn you, it takes some time and effort to really leverage Twitter to its fullest. But if you do invest time, I predict you’ll recognize the value in almost no time.

I encourage you to start here – an article titled “Tweeting for jobs: Tips for the Twitter job search.” It features 10 well defined, very tangible tips on how to maximize your Twitter presence to make strategic networking connections and present yourself as an expert in your field.

Check out the article, and give Twitter a chance.

And if you’re an avid Tweeter, I’d love to hear how it’s helped YOU professionally!

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