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Professionally networking with FacebookIt’s true: some people network better for their careers on Facebook than on Linkedin.

While that may defy logic (after all, Facebook has established itself as THE social network for friends while Linkedin is clearly THE social network for career contacts), I’ve had more than one client who found more success networking on Facebook.

Here’s why: some people are simply better at cultivating potential leads out of old friendships than they are new ones. They feel they’ve earned the trust of those they’ve friended on Facebook, whereas they don’t know their Linkedin contacts as intimately.

If this is you, then take comfort in the fact that Facebook is indeed an appropriate place to network professionally (unless every single status update you put out there is about needing a job or begging for leads!). In fact, Facebook launched BranchOut to assist you in such a way. As this article points out, college kids who are graduating this May are already all over it – but clearly, you don’t have to be a recent college grad to leverage its offerings!

How about you? Ever had any professional networking success on Facebook?