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Common Ways Applicants Ruin Job Interviews

Last week in Chicago I spoke to a group of executives about how they can simplify and ace the job interview. I shared how to put off difficult questions but still answer them confidently, how to get hired for the job even when your experience doesn’t exactly fit their description, what to say if you’ve been fired or out of work for a while and more.

Now, if any of those specific topics really interest you, don’t hesitate to email or call me.  But I’d like to shift gears now and talk about what NOT to do in an interview.

You’d be shocked how many people ruin their interview, and in a number of different ways. The PRIMARY way in my opinion as a Career Coach is that people talk about money too soon. They either 1) have the gall to ask what the job pays at the beginning of the interview, or 2) answer immediately with a number when the interviewer asks the question. Even if you get the job, if you mishandle the money question, you could deprive yourself of thousands of dollars a year. I have already written a blog post about how to strategically handle the money question, and hope you’ll spend some time with it.

I also want to direct you to a Mashable article that outlines the 5 most common ways people ruin their interview. The article provides solid insight into each way, but at a glance, here they are:

  1. Blow off the phone interview.
  2. Talk about other job opportunities.
  3. Provide TMI.
  4. Talk negatively about former supervisors or positions.
  5. Act cocky.

Again, read the article for deeper explanation of each of these mistakes. Any other ones you’re thinking that they left off the list?