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In the day and age we live in, email, text messages and phone calls are the norm in professional communication, be it a management relationship or a networking relationship. While this is a current reality, shifting your approach could make a major impact on your career and separate you from the rest of the pack.

What I’m talking about here is meeting IN PERSON. Walking over to someone’s desk to discuss a topic instead of emailing them. Calling someone to schedule a networking meeting over coffee. Heck, even setting up a Skype session to talk face-to-face over your computer is still better than just always relying on email. Just look at the image in this post. My guess is that a majority of you have seen (or even been part of) a group like this, texting and emailing when you’re practically right next door!

So why is in-person communication so key in the workplace or when networking? Because there are things that sometimes get lost in translation through technology. You can’t pick up on body language to truly understand how someone feels about the topic you’re discussing. Plus, when you’re on email or the phone, it’s almost a guarantee that the other person is multitasking, looking at other emails, texts, etc.

Inc. did a great article titled 5 Reasons You Need To Meet in Person. The article goes into more depth on why in-person meetings are so key, and I highly suggest you read it.

Will you always be able to meet in person? No. Should you always meet in person? Again, no. I’m not saying you should ditch communication technology completely. But look for opportunities to make a personal connection – and possibly a difference in your career.