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The Future of Networking is in the Palm of Your Hand

Did you know that, on average, people spend more time using Facebook and Twitter on their mobile phone than they do on computers/laptops? As this article and report point out, it’s true.

Now, we’ve looked at how Twitter and Facebook can play into your networking approach before. But as I’ve pointed out, Linkedin is still where the most potential is to make a connection that might take you to the next step in your career.

The report shows that Linkedin is #3 in mobile social networking usage behind Facebook and Twitter:

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Now, it’s clear that Linkedin is a distant #3 behind Facebook and Twitter. But those two social networks pave the way for consumer social networking behavior. And if mobile phone usage is becoming the norm, then you can assume Linkedin will continue to increase, too.

So what does this suggest? Well, think about how long it takes for you to log on to your computer, log in to Linkedin and start connecting vs. simply tapping an app on your smartphone and getting to it. And consider how convenient it is to add someone to your connections via your phone within seconds of meeting them. And if you’re posting status updates that show off your expertise in a specific category, think how much more timely you can be in blasting out content and responding to your community’s comments on a mobile phone than on your computer

Needless to say, mobile phone social media and web usage is on the rise. Will you be ready to adapt, embrace and leverage it to its fullest potential?

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