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How CEOs Should Handle Corporate Culture Change

Change in one’s career is a major theme of this blog (if you don’t believe me, simply click the Career Change box within the categories to the right!). The reason is because I firmly believe that how you deal with change sets your course for success in life.

We’ve primarily focused on individual changes – dealing with things like layoffs, job changes, new policies at work, etc. But if you’re a corporate CEO or even a small business owner with 10 employees, change often comes in the form of new technology, progressive business practices and emerging trends in corporate culture and lifestyle.

This shouldn’t be a shocker, but these are all things that are changing almost constantly in today’s work world.

Things like a global marketplace, social media, emerging employee structural models (i.e., having a full-time employee who lives in another city and Skypes in to meetings) and new value systems can all be summed up by one word: openness.

As this Fox Business article (based on an IBM survey of 1,700 CEOs) makes clear, corporate CEOs are realizing they have to deal with this new model of openness in their corporate cultures. And just like I said with how we deal with personal change, how CEOs deal with evolving change in their office cultures will set THEIR courses for success, too.

The article points to some very practical tips like encouraging flexibility, empowering employees with values and leading by example (Tweeting on behalf of the company, perhaps?), and I strongly recommend you read it whether you’re a CEO or not.

When you do, think about how your organization is dealing with these global changes and trends. Do you think they’re doing it well? Is there room for you to step in and help make change happen for the betterment of everyone?