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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “communication is key.” That’s never more true in the workplace than when change is involved.

I believe this so much that it’s the topic of a book I’m currently writing (stay tuned, it will be published and ready to read within a few months). So when I came across this Marietta Times article titled Bracing for change; dialogue with workers is vital, I looked at it very critically – and I’m happy to report that it’s writer, R. Glenn Ray, Ph.D.(the president of RayCom Learning), gets it right.

There was one learning he specifically states that I want to call out:

Leaders who involve their participants in a dialogue prior to and during significant change often find faster and more comprehensive adoption of the behaviors required by the needed organizational change.

This specifically speaks to a certain change profile type that we see in the workplace – people who really struggle embracing change. As Ray points out, making them a part of the process and communicating with the before, during and after the change makes a world of difference in how they handle that change and deliver. As a manager, this is how you “sell” change to your team. And if you’re the one being managed, this means you may need to be the one who takes initiative to get the communication started when you see change coming.

Have any of you ever experienced good communication during a workplace change? How did it impact the way you did your job during that change?