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Have You Ever SWOT'd Your Job Search?

Every year business and marketing students at universities nationwide are taught one of the founding principles of professional project success: the SWOT analysis.





It’s a simple acronym for a very productive process. By examining these four things, you’re able to set yourself and your company up for success.

But have you ever thought about doing a SWOT analysis for a job search? As this blog post from US NEWS points out, it should also be a founding principle for those whose primary “business” at the moment is finding a new job.

I often talk about your “brand”, which is made up of a variety of things that make you uniquely valuable in the workplace. There are a couple ways to get to your brand, and I like the idea of looking at it the same way one would a product – because in this case, YOU are the product.

So ask yourself the SWOT questions. Think critically. Be honest. And you may find out there’s a new or better way to set yourself up for career search success.

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