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I like to keep things positive, so I tend to blog about the best things you can do to help yourself during a job search. But there are most definitely things you should NOT be doing when networking and interviewing, too.

Now, I could write a novel on the wrong things people do when approaching a job search – so I’ll link you to an article that does a good job of breaking down to the basics of what to avoid and watch out for.

The writer/article does a nice job of reminding us about some things that so many people dismiss or assume won’t be an issue. For example, being able to validate what’s on your resume. Or realizing that the personal opinions you share on social media (not to mention pics of the martinis you had at Happy Hour!) can and WILL be seen by hiring decision makers.

As you start the week, looking at these reminders of what not to do will really help you get in the right frame of mind – just make sure you’re being honest with yourself as you do so.