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Is The "Leadership Look" Part of Your Career?

Whether it’s fair or not, perception is often reality in the workplace. That’s never more the case than with leadership.

Management is always going to be under a microscope with employees. People look to see how they carry themselves in good and bad times for the organization, and they don’t hesitate to critique their actions. This is why it’s so important that managers hold their “leadership look” up in the mirror and first critique themselves.

Inc. just did a great piece on this very topic, titled Is Your Leadership Showing? The article goes into five simple ways to let your leadership show, increasing your team’s confidence in you, their leader.

The tips include Visibility, Preparation, Comfort, Listening & Blend, and I definitely recommend you read the article to get insight into how these traits can be developed and fostered professionally.

If you’re in management, as you read it, ask yourself, “What’s my leadership look?” If not, consider how your managers present themselves and what you can learn from them, good and bad.