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When networking, it’s really important to establish yourself as an expert at what you do.

I call this “Creating Your Own Pond” – networking with other people in your field with the purpose of making sure they know what kind of a fish you are!

But how do you do that? How do you make sure you’re meeting the right people, connecting the dots between what they do and the value you can offer, and leaving them with a good perception of your expertise?

There are a lot of simple “how to network” answers out there. Which is why I want to direct you to an interesting take on the topic by Reid Hoffman (founder of Linkedin) and Ben Casnocha from their new book, The Start-Up Of You. The post is titled 5 Networking Tips You Haven’t Heard, and the tangible tips it offers from the book are really about building your own pond!

This is the approach I take with my career coaching clients who are looking to expand their network, including some of tips and other advice not featured here.

The point is this: if you can build your own pond strategically, you’ll be able to stop treading water in your networking approach. You’ll be seen as an expert – and that’s the kind of person others want to hire.