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My latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch career column is now up online!

As I’ve mentioned before, I write a column for the Post-Dispatch each month, tackling a variety of topics for the professionally minded. In July, I focused on a very important topic for anyone and everyone who’s ever been seeking a new job: the pathway to getting that job!

As I stated in the column, there are two main strategies people adopt. The “be found” approach consists primarily of placing your resume or profile on multiple career networking sites, submitting resumes through online applications, tagging your resume/profile with strategic keywords so that it might get picked up via searches, etc. The hope in doing all this work is that someone will stumble upon your resume/profile/portfolio, discover your expertise and contact you.

The “find” approach means having the attitude that you’re not waiting for someone to find you, but will rather put yourself in their path.

Is there a “right” approach between these two? Sure, the “be found” approach can work, but I firmly believe the “find” approach sets the job seeker up for more success.

Take a look at the column and let me know what YOU think!