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If so, you’re not the first.

Just this week I had a conversation with a client about the fact that her networking was not fruitful. After some digging, I realized that she couldn’t be an effective networker because she internally saw herself as a beggar. She felt guilty and needy asking to meet with people, put time on their calendar to talk, etc.

The root of this problem was her perspective and opinion of herself. While she may “need” a job, she’s not a needy person. She has real value to offer, and needs to look at herself as a real contributor – one that someone would be lucky to hire!

Embracing this mentality is easier said than done. Of course you can always talk to a Career Coach like myself to identify ways to gain confidence and prove your value. But for starters, check out this article, How To Avoid Looking Desperate During Your Job Search. It has some great tips and will put you on the right path to being an effective networker!