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Change Psychology Advice For Workplace Managers

Everyone responds to workplace change differently. Some embrace it, others drag their feet, while others take their time to weigh pros and cons before deciding what they think of the change.

This is something managers in the workplace need to really consider. If you’re a manager, it’s crucial that you eventually get everyone on your team to move toward supporting the change. But to do that, you must know how to present the change to each employee based on how they’ve dealt with change in the past.

This kind of change behavior psychology is a major part of my new book, RINGMASTER. At the end of each chapter is a Manager’s Spotlight section that gives change psychology advice on how managers can read their employees, plus includes action steps on how to approach them with change.

I also recommend checking out this article on change psychology. It illustrates several ways to manage change by examining how we think about and approach change. Which approach sounds like you? How you are currently managing change?