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The Reading Reviewer's Take on RINGMASTER

Ringmaster, career, advice, consulting, coaching, change, transitionMy new book, RINGMASTER, is now available for order – and the first reviews are coming in!

I especially appreciate this take by Mary Gramlich on her blog, The Reading Reviewer, where she gives insight into and critical review of books of all kinds (check out her blog here – I think you’ll enjoy it!).

Mary’s takeaway was exactly what I intended when writing the book:

When you are presented with a life altering situation the first thought that goes through your head is “change sucks”.  While change is difficult to control, it can be managed if you know how and David Hults has written out the steps on how to do just that.   What Mr. Hults has done in RINGMASTER is provide clear, concise life changing opportunities that outline the basic principles of how to take change and make it an asset instead of a liability.
RINGMASTER shows the reader what it means to embrace change and use it as an opportunity to better learn your own strengths and work on your limitations.  Knowing how to brand yourself and put a spotlight on your positives help you present yourself in a professional and motivating manner to everyone in your life.  You can let life define you or you can take the tools that David Hults is giving you in this great read and turn your life into a dynamic personal and career opportunity.  Knowing yourself is pivotal to achieving not only personal success but professional as well and with simple organization steps and learning exercises anything is possible. 
If you’ve had a chance to read RINGMASTER, I’d love to hear your review, positive or negative!