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While this blog focuses on change in the workplace, there are lessons to be learned about mastering change in multiple places.

Case in point: This blog post about getting someone who had no interest in getting a smartphone sold on an iPhone. As the story shows, figuring out how to implement the change is key.

It is all too often that management doesn’t think about the most effective way of implementing change on to their workers. I realize that it’s not always possible to take the time to examine a perfect strategy for introducing change in the workforce. After all, I’ve spent several decades in HR and realize that some changes have to be immediate.

The article about Grandma’s iPhone best illustrates how we as managers need to understand our staff and where the resistance to change might occur. This way you can focus on a rational strategy for an individual. Sure, if you’re a manager, you can just dictate to others the changes you want. But this is not a smart way to unify your team and get the most out of them.

Yes, it takes planning and time, but I think you would rather take the time up front to save yourself the time and frustration that will come later – when no one is happy and everyone is looking for a way out.

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