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Why Do People Resist Career Change?

As I talk about in my new book, RINGMASTER, there are many different types of ways people respond to change in the workplace.

Many are quick to resist it. But why?

That’s the topic of this Bloomberg article. It’s very insightful, and from my experience, right on with why people try to resist new ideas, processes and roles in their career.

In short, the reasons are:

  • Loss of control
  • Excess uncertainty
  • Surprises
  • Everything feeling different
  • Loss of face
  • Concerns about competence
  • More work
  • Ripple effects
  • Past resentments
  • Realistic threats

I highly recommend you check out the article to read more about each of these things that lead to resistance of change. As you do, really look at yourself. Do you identify with any of these reasons to resist? If so, what is and isn’t productive about that resistance?

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