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I’m very excited to present “From Conflict To Collaboration” tomorrow at GO! Network‘s St. Louis meeting tomorrow. You can register for the event here.

Per GO! Network:

GO! Network and David Hults are taking the show on the road! On Tuesday October 16th we will meet in St. Charles at Connections to Success (1701 N. 2nd Street, St. Charles, MO 63301).
Following the morning session, plan to participate in the St. Louis Business Expo at the St. Charles Convention Center. This is the largest expo in the state of Missouri and an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with many of the best businesses in the region.

Small Business Monthly magazine invited GO! Network to exhibit at the event and invites all GO! Network members to attend as well. While this is NOT a job fair, it is an excellent opportunity to expand your network for future success.

This is a great chance to gain some insight into how you’re made.  Clarity is the key to a successful job search.  This session is a fun and exciting adventure as you’ll discover your behavior styles and how they affect your working relationships. Learn how to work with all types of personalities to get things done.

 During this session you will have the opportunity to discover your specific behaviors and use them to work smarter!  The assessment:

  • Measures how people feel and behave as they interact with the world around them
  • Proves the value and advantages of diversity
  • Provides insight into how to resolve conflicts and differences between very different personalities

 About Our Presenter:
David Hults is nationally known as a career coach, speaker, author, and as a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. David has written several books. His latest book, recently released, is called “Ringmaster”. David is often called upon to speak to organizations and groups about change strategies that effect both organizations and individuals.

 Notes About Tuesday:  Free Parking is available behind the Connections for Success building.  Enter on the Howard Street side of the building.