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Communication Is Key During Times of Change

I often see articles or blog posts like this one, titled “Selling staffers on change, big and small”, and am always curious as to how much emphasis the writer puts on communication.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old phrase “communication is key”, and this statement is never more true than in the context of change in the workplace.

So I was glad to see that the article was an excellent illustration of how change demands constant communication.  When change hits, not everyone sees it in the same way, so keeping an open line of communication and finding different ways to communicate the same message will help everyone take a step toward the change.

Does it take time? YES. Which is unfortunately why management often overlooks it.  Businesses are moving at light speed, and the idea of trying to find time to communicate things multiple times just seems unreasonable to some managers.

But data tells us employees often need a message to be delivered 7 times in order  to fully understand the behaviors we have to change in the workforce. What too many managers fail to see is that not effectively communicating change leads to projects getting delayed, reworked or scraped because of the missing link of communication.

Without it, change is more painful than it has to be.  The choice is ours.