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Do You Need To "Go Guerrilla" In Your Career?

scrappy job searching tacticsOver recent years, the Guerrilla Warfare” strategy has transcended battle and become a common approach to a lot of obstacles  in our culture, from marketing campaigns to independent film making.

The idea is simple – identify what may seem as a disadvantage (little budget, not a lot of resources) and use that awareness to your advantage, getting scrappy in the way you approach the challenge.

So what does a Guerrilla approach to your career look like? That all depends on the context of your career situation and identifying those disadvantages you’re trying to overcome.

For example, if you’re a job seeker, the disadvantage you may encounter is not having the right contacts or “ins” for the jobs you seek. This article actually does a nice job of laying out the Guerrilla tactics you can utilize to overcome that disadvantage – things like proactively targeting companies and opening yourself up to temp work.

Or, in another example, say you have a proactive project idea you know will impress your manager and move you up in the company, but you’re too bogged down with everyday work to initiate it? Time is clearly your disadvantage, so get creative in the way you can add more time to your day. Work on the project over lunch. Consider coming in early. Or maybe even bring in other people to help you get it done – sure, you’ll have to share the credit, but it will be clear to your boss that you organized it and that YOU are the one who’s primarily responsible (and it will prove your management potential!).

Think about your career. Where might there be a fit for a Guerrilla approach?