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How Finding One's Career Path Is Like Finding a Spouse

I recently came across an article that uses an analogy you don’t hear all that often in the career world. It goes like this: finding your career path is like finding your spouse.


It’s really quite simple. As the writer of the article tells from a first person example, when you ask someone how they knew they were going to end up marrying their significant other, they often say, “I DIDN’T know!”

While love at first sight is a nice thought, most of us didn’t know we were going to marry our spouse when we met them, or even when we started dating.

Our careers are a journey that takes time. We have to realize what we can’t expect to know exactly where our career is leading at all times. Should we have goals? Absolutely. But we have to give our careers time to play out.

I know a lot of people who didn’t even find their true career calling until their 50s!

Give the article a read and ask yourself – is your career soul mate still out there?