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LinkedIn Endorsements: A Recent Change With Potentially Big Career Impact

Linkedin, Career, Endorsement, Change, Recommendation, NetworkingLinkedin is always looking for ways to make its professional community stronger, be it easier ways to network or show off your skill set.

One of their most recent changes is Endorsements. Now, there have been recommendations on Linkedin for a while – but this is different. Endorsements don’t require writing full explanations as to why you recommend someone, but rather allow you to simply click a button to express that you vouch for their skills in a certain area.

In other words, where HR recruiters used to have to look up references on job candidates, now they can simply browse their Linkedin profile to see if they have endorsements or reco’s! You can read more details on Endorsements here.

Now, this can also be scary. What if you’re excellent at your job, but your network hasn’t been actively going to your page to recommend you? Does that look bad? Hopefully since Endorsements are in their infancy, hiring managers will look beyond that for now. But if you DO have them, it can set you apart, and if you don’t, you still have plenty of time to get them.

Linkedin etiquette makes it perfectly acceptable to request endorsements or recommendations from others. I understand that it may feel a bit awkward asking someone for an endorsement, but because it’s so much less involvement than a full on recommendation, people will be much more likely to do it – and Linkedin’s interface even has buttons that make it easy to ask specific people for endorsements!

But don’t go ask everyone you’ve ever worked with for an endorsement. Look around at people who you respect and who are respected within the industry you’re seeking to grow in. Quality endorsements like this will speak much louder than a large quantity of endorsements.

So how about it? Had any experiences with Endorsements yet? Are you excited about this new feature or annoyed by it?